Katrina (zogdog87) wrote in fave_hp_boyz,

I saw "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" Friday night. It was so good. I was really really really excited (read: shaking) before, during, and after the movie. (If that makes me a freaky fangirl, I'm okay with that.) So good. 15 times better than the first and second movies, plus 12.

The acting (of everyone) has improved so much. The facial expressions are much more...well, expressive. And the attractiveness factor of nearly everyone in the film increased a hell of a lot. Thumbs up for that.

Alfonso Cuaron = my hero. The cinematography was good, the acting was good, the costuming was good, the portrayal of characters was good...it was all good.
Of course, as it is with any and all movies based on books, there were faults. But that's a given, so I got over it, despite my initial freaking out about the beginning being all screwy.

The werewolf was weird, though. And the Dementors weren't terrifying enough (or rather, their breathing wasn't), but the parts with their mouths were disgusting. Inaccurate, but disgusting. But Trelawny's prediction was pretty damn scary.

And the Marauder's Map/Patronus not being explained was cruel as well. But the movies really are made for people who've read the books, the third one most so.

But it was so good!!!

~Katrina, aka Remus Lupin
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