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hello everyone!!!

I saw that you guys liked HP boys so i thought you'd in intrested in knowing that there is a new forum called

doing_hogwarts and we are needing some new players!!! If you are intersted, please look under the LJ for who we have and who we need! Thank you, and you guys have a good day!!!

Hermione Granger - bushyhairedgirl
Harry Potter - _just__harry_
Seamus Finnigan - oo_slut_sea_oo
Oliver Wood - oliver__wood
Lavender Brown -
Ron Weasley -
Dean Thomas -
Parvati Patil -
Colin Creevey -
Neville Longbottom -
Ginny Weasley - 0o_flames_o0
Fred/George Weasley -
(any other Gryffindors not listed)

Cho Chang -
Padma Patil -
Lisa Turpin -
Terry Boot -
(any other Ravenclaws not listed)

Draco Malfoy - sly_sexy_draco
Blaise Zabini - 0blaise_zabini0
Pansy Parkinson -
Millicent Bulstrode -
Vincent Crabbe -
Gregory Goyle -
(any other Slytherins not listed)

Cedric Diggory - cedric__diggory
Justin Finch-Fletchly -
Ernie Macmillian -
Susan Bones -
Hannah Abbott -
(any other Hufflepuffs not listed)

Mad Eye Moody - suspicious_eye
Lucius malfoy - sliverluc
Nymphadora Tonks -
Arabella Figg -
Molly Weasley -
Arthur Weasley -
Narcissa Malfoy -
Bill Weasley -
Charlie Weasley -
Cornelius Fudge -
Remus Lupin - _moony__lupin_
Sirius Black -
(any others not listed)

Hogwarts Staff
Severus Snape -
Minerva Mcgonagall -
Albus Dumbledore -
Professor Sinistra -
Professor Flitwick -
Madam Hooch -
Professor Trelawney -
Professor Sprout - prof_herb
(any other staff not listed)

Daily Prophet Staff
Rita Skeeter - prophet_press
Editor -
Reporters -
Photographers -

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